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HLM Water Trucking is a professional water supplier that provides reliable and convenient bulk water delivery. Our water delivery is the perfect solution for business owners, or land owners who need swimming pool water, water for their storage tanks, and even storage tank installation or repairs. With our potable and non-potable water trucks, we customize our delivery based upon your specific needs. We aim to give our clients the best water delivery service available!

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When your water system fails or your well doesn’t supply enough water, HLM Water Trucking is proud to provide our customers with a bulk water supply of clean POTABLE and Non Potable water.


HLM Water Service is the largest bulk water carriers serving Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino County’s. We supply swimming pool water, water for storage tanks and other residential uses, industrial and commercial water, construction water services and emergency water at an affordable rate. Our trucks are equipped to deliver in rural areas. HLM Water Service brings expertise that has developed over years of experience. Let HLM Water Service fulfill your bulk water needs today!